HD Cold for fresh fruits & vegetables storage
HD Cold is a Patented French Technology solution that has been developed to Optimize the duration and quality of storage of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables which require specific temperature and humidity conditions with or without a controlled atmosphere.

HD Cold - Major Aspects

  • A patented solution designed for cold storage chambers for a better preservation of fruits and vegetables with an Innovative Technology.
  • More than 300 successful HD COLD chamber installations in Europe.
  • The system is designed to operate at very low evaporator Delta T while maintaining the Highest and Stable Rh @ 100% without the formation of water droplets.
  • HD COLD air coolers are specially designed equipment having incomparable ability of Blowing power and leading to top market performances.
  • The whole system is managed by a Patented PLC system with remote control.
  • The Heart of the HD COLD system monitors all the parameters of a cold chamber through integrated environment sensors.
  • Advanced Algorithms analyze and treat accurate operating information sent through integrated environment Sensors to automatically optimize online Operational Parameters.
  • An Eco-Friendly System which delivers Energy Efficiency, Lower Carbon Emission, Longer Preservation of Fresh Produce with Operational Efficiencies. Energy saving up 40% compared to a traditional system
  • Cooling to the core without Hydric Stress / Osmotic Stress.
  • Minimize Diseases related to water stress and thus keep optimal product freshness
  • Each fruit / Vegetable category has its own precise setting to maximize conservation results.

HD Cold - Major Components

  • Compact Design
  • Technologically Advanced Evaporator (TAV)
  • PLC System
  • Sensors
  • User Friendly Display

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